Bailing Wire

Ver-tech carries a large supply of supplies to help you with all your needs. From Bailing Wire to Compactor Bags, we carry most of everything you’ll need.

Baling Wire:
Pre-looped Galvanized Baling Ties
125 Pieces per Bundle
Most sizes can be shipped same day via UPS or Spee-Dee Delivery

9 1/2′ x 14 gauge
14′ x 13 gauge
14′ x 12 gauge
17′ x 12 gauge
19′ x 12 gauge
21′ x 12 gauge

Bale Strapping:
Polypropylene Bale Strapping

VSS-275 Bale Strapping
Single Ply – Sold by the Roll

VSS-475 Bale Strapping
3 Ply – Sold by the Roll

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