The Seven Sixty (S60XD) Vertical Baler

The Seven Sixty (S60XD) Vertical Baler

The Seven Sixty (S60XD) is an extra high density baler with a 7" cylinder and over 92,300 pounds of baling force. Corrugated cardboard carton/box bales will weigh up to 1,250 pounds. This model is available as the System Seven Sixty with hydraulic rear chute and conveyor for automatic baling of plastic bottles (PET and HDPE) and aluminum and steel cans.

• 235,620 lbs. Ram Pressure
• 30 Second Cycle Time
• Allen Bradley Programmable Controller
• Automatic Bale Height Shutoff
• Automatic Cycling
• Variable Speed Conveyor
• Self-Cancelling Dual Ejectors
• Eliminates the Need for Expensive Preconditioning Equipment
• Saves Space
• Choice of Above Ground or Pit Conveyors
• Eight Tie Slots
• Meets ANSI & OSHA Standards
• U.L. Listed Electrical Components

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