Ver-tech System Ten Sixty Automatic Baling Press

Ver-tech System Ten Sixty Automatic Baling Press

Power & Productivity for Profitable Recycling with Ver-tech System Ten Sixty Automatic Baling Press

• 235,620 lbs. Ram Pressure
• 30 Second Cycle Time
• Allen Bradley Programmable Controller
• Automatic Bale Height Shutoff
• Automatic Cycling
• Variable Speed Conveyor
• Self-Cancelling Dual Ejectors
• Eliminates the Need for Expensive Preconditioning Equipment
• Saves Space
• Choice of Above Ground or Pit Conveyors
• Eight Tie Slots
• Meets ANSI & OSHA Standards
• U.L. Listed Electrical Components

The System Ten Sixty applies speed and power to vertical baling, bridging the productivity gap between vertical balers and horizontal balers by producing extremely dense bales for a fraction of the cost of a horizontal baler.

Fed via conveyor, the System Ten Sixty greatly speeds up the processing of newsprint, PET/HDPE bottles and steel/aluminum cans. Its fast 30 second cycle time and (3) sets of bale dogs allows bulk material such as cardboard to be baled quickly in the traditional manner. Powered by a 10 inch cylinder generating over 235,000 lbs. of force, the System Ten Sixty produces bale densities comparable to those of the largest horizontals.

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